Mitsuboshi Belts

Mitsuboshi is committed to producing the highest performance, highest precision, and highest quality belts in the world. Japanese Engineered belting technology for all your industrial belting needs.

Classical V-Belts

Classical V belts are the most common type of belt used in many industries around the world. Available in A, B, C, D, and E sizes, Mitsuboshi belts are Heat, Oil and Anti-Static resistant.


Banded V Belts come in a variety of sizes, to increase durability through uniform tension, improved alignment, and increased rigidity. These belts are perfect for heavy-duty use where fluctuating load tension and extreme shock loads have a tendency to cause failure.

Fractional Horsepower

Fractional Horsepower Belt (FHP) are designed for light-duty fractional horsepower motors. Molded cogs can allow for use in applications where the belt is expected to perform around smaller sheave diameters.


Cogged Belts are generally used in applications with small pulley diameters and high speeds. The slots on the belt reduce the bending resistance and keep operation temperatures lower.


Poly-V belts offer excellent heat resistance, are oil-proof and minimize wear. They also prevent the generation of the static electricity, and create less noise during operation.


Synchronous belts work on the tooth-grip principle. Round, square, or modified curvilinear belt teeth mesh with grooves on sprockets to provide positive power transmission on high-torque applications with high and low speeds.


A timing belt transmits synchronous movement from one driven shaft to another. This is achieved by “meshing”between the tooth of the belt and the tooth of the pulley. A timing belt has a complex structure and is made up of three elements. A rubber compound (usually highly saturated nitrile) that makes up the toothed part and the back of the belt. Nylon (sometimes a double layer) is extremely flexible and used to cover the teeth. High, modular, fibreglass cords that are resistant to tensile stress give the belt its outstanding stability and help to keep its shape.


Polyurethane belts are extremely long lasting, and offer greater elastic memory and abrasion resistance than rubber. These belts are widely used for power transmission and load conveyance.

Open End Perforated

Open-ended V-belting with joint holes can be easily adjusted to required length with a splicing bracket. These belts are recommended for temporary use when the existing V-belt has to be replaced urgently. Other benefits inlcude easy belt replacement, simple belt length adjustment




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