Daido Corporation of America (Daido)

Daido precision roller chain products include a complete range of Standard Drive Chain, the innovative D.I.D. New Tech Chain Series, and a wide selection of Standard and Specialty Conveyor Chain. In ideal conditions, Murtfeldt Chain and Belt Tensioner and Guides enhance the chain run, maximizing efficiency. Daido products are internationally recognized as the most technologically-advanced in both manufacture and design.


ANSI Standard Chain

D.I.D Standard Drive Chain, recognized as world class quality chain, is not standard by any means. All D.I.D Standard Drive Chain incorporates the following features to easily exceed ANSI Standard:

  • Strict adherences to statistical process control standards
  • Uniformly consistent heat treated parts
  • Shot-Peened Parts for metal fatigue resistance.
  • Solid Rollers offering maximum chain life
  • Factory Pre-Stretching eliminating initial stretch
  • Vacuum Pre-Lubrication with long lasting D.I.D “S” grease to insure uniform penetration of lubricant with semi-clear appearance
  • Automated Quality Control to assure the highest quality

New Tech Series

Daido presents D.I.D New Tech roller chain, designed specifically for the demanding drive train applications of our customers. Each of the four series of D.I.D New Tech Chain offers superior solutions for the most technically advanced supplier of roller chain products in the world, Daido Corporation.

  • D.I.D Ultimate Power Chain Series
    For applications where extra strength, shock load and fatigue resistance is required.
  • D.I.D Ultimate Life Chain Series
    For applications subjected to contaminants or a lack of lubricants.
  • D.I.D Environment Resistant Chain
    For applications subjected to environmental extremes.
  • D.I.D Low Noise Chain Series
    For more comfort and worker friendly chain conveyor and drive applications.

Conveyor Series

Conveyor Chain

Daido Corporation of America is one of the leading suppliers of both standard and specialty conveyor chains in North America. The broad product range is available in many sizes.

Daido Attachment Chain

Daido’s Priority One Attachment Chain Program is a commitment to our customers to provide the highest quality attachment chain in three days or less. Moreover, in-house matched set process enables us to complete and ship out the matched set chains with a few additional days. All standard and wide contour attachments are available in both carbon and stainless steel, and a wide range of sizes.

With over 70 years of experience providing conveyor chain to the North American Industry, Daido can also design and manufacture the custom attachment necessary for your application.

  • Standard Double Pitch Chain
  • Attachment Chain
  • Top Roller Chain
  • Side Roller (Outboard Roller) Chain
  • Hollow Pin Chain
  • Flexible (Side Bow) Chain
  • Straight Sidebar Chain

Agriculture Chains

Daido Corporation has earned a reputation not only in the industrial power transmission chain market, but also in the retail market by providing consistent and outstanding quality products and customer friendly services. In order to meet the various and unique requirements in farm and retail industries, Daido offers two significant lines:

  • D.I.D.
    The world class quality roller chains for additional insurance on the chain drive with the best available material and the most advanced quality control system.
    Daido’s value line for roller chains and accessories offered at affordable prices.

Murtfeldt Guides & Tensioners

Daido Corporation is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Murtfeldt GmbH to market Murtfeldt Guide and Tensioner products in North America. Murtfeldt GmbH of Dortmund, Germany is the leading manufacturer in Europe of a broad range of standard chain and belt guides, slide profiles and custom plastic parts as well as fully automatic chain tensioners patented worldwide.

The Murtfeldt Chain & Belt Guides and Chain & Belt Tensioners all feature the patented Material “S”, a premium UHMW-PE material offering high abrasion resistance, a low coefficient of friction without the need for lubrication. All of the Murtfeldt Guide and Tensioning products greatly improve chain and belt dive life through the elimination of slack and vibration as well as reducing noise levels.

Ramsey Products

Ramsey specializes in Silent Chain, also known as Inverted Tooth chain. Since 1923, Ramsey Products has focused on helping customers with the selection and application of Silent Chain drives.  

Ramsey and PTM  can provide solutions that are not available from other companies. Together, we offer the widest range of standard silent chains and sprockets, and also custom design and produce chains and sprockets to fit customer’s exact requirements. If a job can be done with silent chain, we will help you find the most affordable and effective chain for the job!


Silent Chain

In power transmission applications, silent chain drives are capable of transmitting power with low noise, high efficiency, and reduced vibration. Speeds and loads often exceed the capability of other belts and chains. Almost all Ramsey power transmission chains utilize efficient, quiet, two-pin roller bearing joints; technology which has been shown to outperform conventional, round pin joints.

These chains can be found in a wide variety of demanding industrial applications and similar designs are used in 4 wheel drive automobiles and NASCAR racing engines.


Ramsey offers a full range of stock and made-to-order sprockets, in pitches ranging from 3/16” pitch to 2 1/4” /pitch. Stock sprockets are available with minimum plain bores or taper lock bushings.

Chain Couplings

There are two models of Ramsey silent chain couplings, the Straight Type and the Diagonal Type. Straight Type couplings are composed of coupling halves that are split perpendicular to the shaft axis. A hardened steel silent chain joins the two halves. Diagonal Type couplings are split at an angle to the shaft axis. Due to the angular split, the chain that wraps a Diagonal couplings is loaded in shear,as well as tension. This results in Diagonal couplings having a somewhat higher load capacity than straight couplings, where the chain is only loaded in shear.




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