Vibrators & Flow Aid Devices

Martin Engineering

Martin Engineering manufactures vibrators to prevent bin and hopper flow problems, as well as rotary electric vibratory drives for industrial processing equipment.

The application of vibratory drives to processing equipment has found acceptance throughout industries worldwide, primarily in increasing production throughput, and reducing operational costs. The most typical applications include conveying or feeding, screening, draining, dewatering, product sizing, compaction, testing of components, as well as bin, hopper and chute evacuation.

Truck Vibrators

Rugged and economical, the Cougar® DC Truck Vibrators provide power to improve the speed and efficiency of unloading dump trucks and other mobile equipment. Models are available to suit your truck and your typical load.

Hydraulic Vibrators

Features and Benefits:

  • Built from high-strength aluminum for maximum durability
  • Efficient motor design for minimal power consumption
  • Sealed ball bearings are permanently lubricated
  • Low maintenance
  • Designed to create more force per size/weight
  • Variable speed
  • Continuous duty

Electric Vibrators

  • Weatherproof aluminum housing provides high output-to-weight ratio
  • Comes with mounting hardware and electrical connections
  • Permanently lubricated, sealed ball-bearings
  • Choose from either 12-volt or 24-volt motor; based on force output requirements

Pneumatic Vibrators

Brute® Vibrators are equipped with motor-driven rotary eccentric weights that can be powered by a hydraulic or pneumatic motor, and deliver rotary vibration through a complete range of frequencies. The motor is attached to the separate head or case assembly containing the eccentric weights, bearings and shaft.


Syntron® vibrators offer an efficient, cost-effective means to maintain free flow of product from bins, hoppers and chutes, with a direct and positive result on the bottom line.

Electromagnetic Vibrators

Syntron Electromagnetic Vibrators are ideal for continuous or intermittent operation. An easily adjustable control assures optimum and variable material flow. Dependable Syntron Electromagnetic Vibrators are virtually maintenance-free because the electromagnetic design eliminates moving parts. Most models come standard with fully-enclosed dust-tight and watertight construction. 




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