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Brewer Machine & Gear

For over fifty years, Brewer Machine & Gear Company has been manufacturing and marketing, through industrial distributors, a line of chain and belt tensioners, positioners, and idlers. The product line has grown from a two-page catalog in 1959, to a twenty-four page brochure and full online catalog today which includes over 200 items.

Belt & Chain Tensioners

Increase the life of your equipment through smooth drive power with the use of our Universal Drive Tensioner and Positioner. This product’s controlled tensioning eliminates shock loading through excessive chain vibration, and horsepower loss through belt slippage. Our tensioners offer full 360 degree controlled tensioning, reverse motion tension, and surfaces that are parallel and square for perfect alignment and machined mounting surfaces. We offer a wide range of sizes, as well as heavy duty tensioners for engineering class chains.

Idler Shafts & Studs

Brewer idler shafts are hardened and ground for maximum idler life. To ensure maximum rigidity, they are shouldered and threaded into units and locked with a set screw.

V-Pulley Idlers

Available for use with most popular sizes of V-belts (“O”, “A” or “B” sections), Brewer V-belt Idler Pulleys are provided with a series of radial reinforcing ribs to prevent deformation caused by the wedging action of the belt. The smooth and durable grooved surface promotes perfect tracking and ensures quiet, long-lived operation. Molded construction provides a bright, attractive appearance that speaks of the high quality of the final product. Plus, versatile bore adapters can be factory-installed to facilitate mounting.

Flat Belt Pulleys

Suitable for use with flat belts, cog belts, poly-V and the back side of conventional V-belts, all Brewer Flat Belt Idler Pulleys feature “crowned” construction. The molded crown helps to center the belt and prevent rubbing against the outside flanges. This arrangement provides maximum support where it is needed–under the highly stressed center of the belt! A wide range of widths and diameters is available to suit virtually any flat belt idler requirement and several types of factory-mounted bore adapters are offered.

Sprocket Idlers

Keep your equipment running smoothly with these idler sprockets. They allow you to maintain ideal tension and prevent excessive wear and vibration.




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