Custom Rubber Belts

Rainbow Rubber & Plastics, Inc.

Rainbow provides industrial rubber belting solutions for manufacturing problems related to technical belts, rubber & plastic conveyor belting, and other specialty rubber and plastic parts.

Conveyor Belts & Components

We supply seamless rubber conveyor belts with excellent tensile strength and wear resistance. All of our rubber conveyor belts are made to meet or exceed OEM specs and last for a very long time.

Our varied types of conveyor belts are adaptable to your specific needs, whether you need a food conveyor belt, a portable conveyor belt, or even a wheel conveyor belt.

Deboning Belts

When it comes to meat processing, Rainbow Rubber & Plastics is the number one rubber belting manufacturer in the industry for meat processing equipment inclusing deboning, desinewing, and mechanical separator machines. Our deboning belts are:

  • High-quality rubber
  • Highly resistant and durable
  • Customized to your specific needs
  • Available throughout the USA & Canada

Extrusion Belts

Rainbow Rubber & Plastics Inc. is the leading supplier of downstream extrusion supplies and plastic extrusion equipment in North America. Our series of Caterpuller and Capstan extrusion rubber belts continue to help you solve in-plant problems, and reduce downtime and product loss. 

Custom extrusion belts include:

  • The largest inventory of Caterpuller and Capstan belts in North America
  • Custom rubber extruding belts
  • Adjustable Compound and Covers per customers’ requirements
  • 20-80 duro rubber
  • Heat & oil resistant
  • FDA compliant
  • Open and Closed Cell Sponge

Harvesting Machine Belts

With over 50 years in the agricultural industry, Rainbow Rubber & Plastic has become an expert in food industry conveyor belt solutions, especially for dirt hoppers and harvesting machines such as carrots or potato harvesters.

With our harvesting machine belts you can expect:

  • Long-lasting rubber & plastic harvesting machine belts
  • UV resistant rubber belts
  • Belts customized to your specific harvesting machine
  • Available supply throughout the USA & Canada

Moviroll Car Pushers & Roll Movers

Complimenting our range of rubber belting products, Rainbow is pleased to partner with Renova SRL as the exclusive powered pushers distributor in North America.

Renova’s battery-driven powered pushers offer the advantage of easy movement without the constraints of pneumatic hoses or electrical cables.

Compact yet heavy-duty, this electric car pusher and roll mover is a great forklift alternative with up to 50 tons of torque. Saving time and reducing risks associated with workplace injuries. 

Moviroll powered pushers can be used as a moving cart, car pusher, paper roll mover, drum pusher, and much more.

Tube Winder/Spinning Belts

We produce high-quality spinning belts and core belts for industrial purposes. Our truly endless belts are perfect for seamless winding machine operation, inducing a higher manufacturing efficiency and less downtime.

With rubber compounds designed for high grip and abrasion resistance, our rubber tube belting solutions far exceeds the competition in service and life expectations.


  • Available supply line throughout the USA & Canada
  • Several versions are available to meet your exact requirements.
  • Available in any length or width required.

Woodworking Belts

As a woodworker, you need reliable woodworking machinery and equipment that will last you a long time without breaking down.

With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, Rainbow Rubber & Plastics has refined its offer to supply only the best woodworking belts for its clients.

That means we are able to supply the best wide belt sanding belts for woodworking, durable feed belts, wood conveyor belts, woodworking sander, and many other types of machine belts made thanks to our cutting-edge rubber technology.

Silicone & Rubber Membrane

Rainbow Rubber & Plastics manufactures and supplies silicone and rubber membranes used in the production of wood veneer and thermofoil door panels in the Woodworking Industry. For over 30 years, Rainbow has developed a reputation for the reliability and quality of our silicone and rubber membranes, working with some of the industry leaders in cabinet manufacturing and veneering. You can trust our silicone rubber membranes for all your woodworking needs.




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